Golden Reiki Subscriptions

Reaching out to support your Golden Awakening.

"I truly enjoyed the Golden Reiki session yesterday as did Nate, Tom, and Darla! It made me feel so good inside, beyond words. I need that kind of support, especially now, to help me help myself stay on track. Oh my goodness, it feels so good. All the darkness, so to speak, just melts away and I am left feeling warm and safe inside! OMG, So comforting for my soul. Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you."

Michelle W Coast USA 
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♥ Subscriptions include ♥: Each month you will be sent golden reiki long distance for 45 minutes each Thursday. For 4 weeks total per month, of ongoing reiki blessings. That is 180 minutes total of reiki monthly.

Golden Reiki Subscription Package Pricing:

Golden Reiki Subscriptions
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Important note: Reiki will be sent each Thursday sometime between 9am to 5pm Pacific time USA. You do not need to tune into the sessions, as the sessions will tune into you. You can join anytime, and your subscription is rolling from the date you sign up (for 4 weeks total per monthly period). As a courtesy, you will automatically be billed/charged each month through paypal, unless you choose to cancel your subscription, which you are free to do at anytime. (instructions are provided at the bottom of this page for cancelling subscriptions). I also offer monthly packages without a subscription here. 

More about golden reiki subscriptions:
Golden awakening reiki subscriptions, are offered as ongoing reiki blessings at a special reduced group rate, as a form of reiki balancing, using the golden color vibration of spiritual awakening to infuse and bless every session with the rays of  solar 'oneness'. The sessions are offered long distance on the same day (each Thursday sometime between 9am to 5pm Pacific time), for each participant, in a group activation long distance (which carries the potential to be even more powerful than one on one sessions). As studies show, that energy grows, amplifies and expands by the square root of the numbers of people participating in each session. Golden Awakenings can reach larger numbers of people, and offer a more affordable pricing for everyone in this conscious and collective awakening process together as 'one unified field'. You do not need to tune into the sessions, as the sessions will tune into you!

Update: The Golden Reiki blessings, are now being broadcast from a powerful spot in the Pacific Northwest, aligned to the fresh mountain peaks of sacred Mount Rainier. Activational Sedona rocks continue to be used in the circle, to support tuning into the power spot of Sedona, for the golden reiki group sessions. This expansion of localities, creates a synergy of positive energies, potentially more diverse and powerful than ever before.

Instructions for your sessions: Please send your full name, location (city/state), and date of birth for the reiki sessions by filling out the contact form on our website. This information will be used to tune into your energy during the reiki blessings. If you have any intentions for the reiki, please read the below section on 'how to prepare for your sessions' otherwise, the reiki will go out to support your highest benefit and well being. Once payment and data is received, your selected reiki package will start the first upcoming Thursday. Golden Awakenings will also confirm your receipt, and start date for the reiki, once you have made payment and sent details.

How to prepare for your sessions:

All sessions will take place sometime between 9am to 5pm Pacific Time USA, and are provided each Thursday (for the entire month), as long as your subscriptions remains active. To get the most out of your blessings, it is recommended to set an intention for your sessions and state this intention out loud or silently in the form of present tense. For example if you seek more prosperity from the blessings. State an intention such as "I now align to the flow of divine prosperity" or "I continue to expand my flow of abundance with appreciation and gratitude". The more sincere you are with your intention/s, and the more you say it with conviction and an open heart, the quicker the results can be with golden reiki blessings supporting you. You do not need to be resting or meditating while the session takes place (although some people prefer to do so), as you can go about your regular business. But the more you tune in for the session with awareness, and state your intentions before each session, the more powerful the results can be. You can also write down your intentions and hold them over your heart, place under your pillow or on your altar, focusing and visualizing yourself aligning to your aspirations and goals. If you do not quite know what you want to manifest,  you can just ask for support with awakening, and the golden reiki will go to support your divine awakening by bringing in more internal clarity, answers and courage for the next steps.

What to expect from the sessions:

Each persons experience will be unique, depending upon how open they are to receiving reiki, and what goals and intentions they personally set for the reiki . Reiki benefits everyone regardless, as it can never harm anyone, and only adds light and love into a persons life. If you are asking for long standing issues or problems to be resolved, sometimes those deeper core issues or life long lessons may take a bit longer to shift. Reiki works a little bit like what I call ‘the peeling of the onion.’ A few layers may come off at first (of repressed memories, thoughts or emotions) through the light of reiki. You might start to cry, giggle, smile, or feel a buried emotion temporarily come up to clear. Some people feel warmth, tingling, energy sensations, or you may feel nothing at all. But rest assured, that as the onion continues to peel (through the light of reiki), you will eventually find yourself getting to the core of those issues, hopes, desires, relationships, goals etc. This offers the opportunity to eventually feel lighter, happier, more at peace, and more empowered in life, and with your intentions, goals and life purpose.

Requesting reiki for another person:

I often get asked if it is alright to send reiki on behalf of another person. The reiki philosophy is that reiki can never harm another person. When I send reiki on behalf of another person. I always ask for permission from their higher self. I ask that the reiki be transferred to that person, to the level they are ready and open to receive it. If for any reason, that persons higher self does not want to receive the reiki at that particular time. I ask that the reiki be held in a ‘bank of angelic light’ until that person is ready to receive it. So it will be stored for them indefinitely in higher realms, until that person chooses to benefit from it.

Requesting reiki for relationships:

When I send reiki for a ‘relationship’ the results can always vary. As two people have free will, and each person will always have different lessons to learn. However, reiki generally speeds up the process of balancing, and moving along energies to help facilitate necessary shifts. The reiki can bring a couple closer together, bring you closer to see the real core issues, and/or closer to making the necessary changes to move forward in an empowering way in or outside of that relationship. Sometimes we might be in a relationship that we think is for our highest good. When in fact, it could be that this relationship is just an old pattern to transmute and release, in order for a person to move into higher levels of advancement on the path. Your higher self always knows best, and is always in charge. So you always have the free will to choose in the end. The reiki will simply help to empower you in making the necessary decisions to move forward or together in your relationship or path.

How to cancel a reiki subscription:

Sign into your paypal account, click on your account, click on your profile, click on my money, click on my pre-approved payments, click on subscriptions, click the cancel button for 'golden reiki subscription'. As long as you cancel your subscription before the next billing date, you will not be charged for the next month.

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute to any medical treatment for a medical condition that a physician can help with. Reiki may be used as an addition to regular medical treatments, but please check with your health care provider first. Never use Reiki in the place of traditional modern medicine or treatments. I do not diagnose, cure or offer to heal any condition. I only hold the space for reiki energies to flow, and allow each person to accept this energy gift to the level they are ready for. You must be at least 18 years of age, to purchase a reiki session from me.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at this link.